Russians call President Obama a Schmoe!

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In the bodybuilding community, a “schmoe” refers to a strange guy with a muscular female bodybuilder fetish who often pays to wrestle them. The Urban Dictionary provides the top two definitions for “schmoe”:

1. A man who pays money to wrestle with a woman who is often more muscular and stronger than he is, for sexual gratification, although no overt sexual activity is performed.

“I gotta go. I have a schmoe coming over at 12.”

2. A male patron and groupie of female bodybuilders. Often paying for sexual domination or wrestling with overtly muscular women.

“I’m Jenna’s schmoe.”

The Russians seem to be big on using that term to describe the President of the United States. What is more disturbing than Russia’s slight of the American President is the US media’s lack of reporting on these Russian attitudes towards the Leader of the Free World. Granted that the Russians are not using the term in the same context as bodybuilders, there is no doubt that those in the bodybuilding community will associate the term “Обама чмо”, which is Russian for Obama Schmoe, with the context that they are familiar with. The term “schmoe” in Russian has meaning similar to the term “schmuck” but with more negative connotations.

The video below is in Russian but you will be able to follow their meaning pretty clearly.

The term “Обама чмо”, or Obama Schmoe, which is seen everywhere in Russia, can also be seen from the sky at this Russian air base in Latakia, Syria:

Runway of Russian air base in Syrian Latakia

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