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In Randy Roach’s “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors – Volume III – Book 1,” readers are taken on a deep dive into the world of bodybuilding in the late 1970s, a pivotal era for the sport. The book explores a multitude of events, characters, and athletes that played a crucial role in creating the apex of bodybuilding during this period.

One of the central questions addressed in the book is whether the 1980 and 1981 Mr. Olympia contests were fixed. These contests are surrounded by controversy and speculation, and Roach delves into the intricacies of these competitions to provide a comprehensive examination of what transpired.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to competitive bodybuilding in 1980 after a five-year hiatus is another focal point of the book. Roach delves into the motivations and consequences of Arnold’s comeback, shedding light on whether it derailed the sport from its glory years. Readers will gain insight into the real rationale behind Arnold’s return and the potential gains and losses for him in this endeavor.

The book also takes readers behind the scenes of the documentary “The Comeback,” offering a closer look at its production. Understanding the real producer of this relatively obscure film sheds light on the events and motivations surrounding the 1980 Mr. Olympia.

Franco Columbu, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s close friend, also reentered the competition in 1981. Roach explores the impact of Columbu’s return and the consequences it had for the sport and its dynamics.

Furthermore, the book delves into the identity of the judges and how their scoring significantly affected the outcomes of both the 1980 and 1981 Mr. Olympia contests. This insight provides a comprehensive view of the intricate politics and decisions that influenced the sport during this period.

Lastly, readers will gain an understanding of the cost incurred by the sport of bodybuilding as a result of these two contests. The book offers a detailed exploration of the repercussions and effects that rippled through the bodybuilding world.

In “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors – Volume III – Book 1,” Randy Roach unravels the complex tapestry of events and personalities that shaped bodybuilding in the late 1970s, offering readers a comprehensive and insightful perspective on this pivotal era in the sport’s history.

Here’s a Built Report primer on the 1980 Mr.Olympia:

Randy’s research on the future of physical culture will take to Volume III Book 2 and beyond. Below is a transcript from an interview Randy did with Michael Petrella that may spark your interest as to what’s in store:

[Begin Transcript]

Michael Petrella: All this money is creating these better athletes, better programs, and its such a huge business. What’s the next evolution?

Randy Roach: Well, that’s the scary part. The steroids are old news but they’ve been so effective that they’ve been around for forty, fifty years because they work but technology is taking us into more scary realms. There’s this size, speed, and strength…you get to cycling and there’s endurance, and then you get into manipulating of the red blood cells and blood doping. For years blood doping has been around where somebody would give a pint of their blood, come back once their bodies rebuilt that blood, and then put the other blood back in and increase red blood cell oxygen capacity. Some guys were just taking a pint of somebody else’s blood so they didn’t have to endure that rebuilding process. Now we’re looking into getting into whats called ‘gene doping’ and this is an area that I would find scary because its also entered the realm of food in terms of genetically modified foods that were eating. They’re going to take certain genetic characteristics that enhance sports, athletics, and performance and jack those genes into somebody that doesn’t have them… and that’s a hit or miss.

The genome is a technology that they’re just beginning to understand and it is so complex and multi-dimensional. In fact, they’re wondering if the word ‘gene’ might be too vague and so the’re just throwing these genes in that genome knowing now that this gene may work with that gene, the genome flips three dimensionally to work with this group of genes, a fourth dimension with time involved… its really a crap shoot but that’s where its heading and how do you test for that? The athletes can beat the tests. In fact, most people who get caught… they question them and ask “why were you so stupid to get caught?” It doesn’t matter how sophisticated they make the test. They always stay one step ahead. When you get into gene manipulation…are you going to have to map the person’s genome when they’re born and then compare it to them after they get into the field of athletics and see if there’s been an alteration? This is not my area of expertise because it is somewhat new but I’ll be learning more about it as I get involved in volume 3 of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors and take us into current times.

[End Transcript]

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