Science: Exercise Makes the Brain Grow Bigger

Exercise Builds Brain Plasticity
Exercise Builds Brain Plasticity

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Thanks to an amazing body of new science presented over the past decade, we now know that regular physical activity has remarkable benefits for virtually all aspects of brain health and function. Conversely, this same science has established that a sedentary lifestyle is most definitely a powerful risk factor for the two most common brain pathologies, mainly dementia and stroke. In my opinion, one of the most riveting findings of exercise and the brain is how physical activity can actually reverse age related brain decline. A recent report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine included a review of a number of published studies on this subject matter and concluded that regular moderate exercise, that makes a person breathless, increases the speed of thinking, the quality of thinking and, most exciting, the actual volume of brain tissue. We now know that even the oldest brains retain plasticity or the capacity to grow new brain cells and forge new brain connections. Bottom line, the fitter you are the better the brain. For ICYOU, this is Dr. Anne helping you with your healthiest life.

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