Calf Bump

The Calf Bump

Jurassic Gorilla Matt Mendenhall seems to be the hands down winner in the battle of the inner calf bump. Featured in this gallery are Mendenhall, Mike Mentzer, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Mike Matarazzo Gallery

Jurassic Gorilla Mike Matarazzo Bodybuilding Competition History 1991 Olympia – IFBB, Did not place USA Championships – NPC, HeavyWeight, 1st USA Championships – NPC, Overall Winner 1992 Arnold Classic – IFBB, 15th Ironman Pro […]

history of calves

The History of Calves

Jurassic Gorilla Background Information for the “History of Calves” Video From ancient history to the inception of modern bodybuilding, the calf muscles have been the foundation of the body. Bodybuilders from the 1940s like […]