Arthur Jones Is Asked About Mentzers and Viator


Mentzer/Viator question directed at Arthur Jones

Question at 8:45 on video:

Caller: I would like to know why that none of the top bodybuilding champions are staying with Nautilus
in Deland like the Mentzer brothers or Viator?

Jones: The question referred to bodybuilders who have trained in Deland, Florida and left and, without going into any names, I will simply say that no bodybuilder has ever left Deland, Florida of his own will. None of them quit. They were all fired.

Host: Well, that wasn’t the question. The question was that–

Jones: He said that why did they come there and leave. They come there because they want to find out something and, when we do find out something, we fire them.

Host: Why was he fired?

Jones: For various reasons.

Host: Well give us a reason. We wanted… you said you were… you raised the question well why…

Jones: Use of drugs, theft, laziness, stupidity, or incompetence.

Thousands of crocodiles, about 90 elephants, several giant tortoises, three white rhinos, two albino cobras, and Mickey the gorilla lived at Jones’ ranch in Ocala, Florida.

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