Study proves Synthol Builds Muscle?

Anyone can post a link, below this topic, of MRI data and/or published studies supporting that notion that Chris Clark’s brand of Site Injection Oil builds muscle. Dave Palumbo has stated that Chris Clark’s oil has dramatically different properties than the oil which “Synthol Freaks” with enlarged but disfigured arms have injected. If muscle really can be developed through local injections then there should be scientific evidence to back it up and “good” Synthol should be studied further and improved upon.

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Dave Palumbo made a video about synthol, which was invented by someone named Chris Clark, and they called it Pump ‘n Pose. It came by different names and some people made their own version of it but Palumbo was saying specifically that the version that was made by Chris Clark has properties that allow it to create new muscle growth in injection sites. He also claims there’s even MRI studies backing this up. Most people know synthol from these freaks who inject oil into their arms and the muscles in their arms, or wherever, soak up the oil. There’s not much rhyme or reason to the development if you were to inject it in your shoulders. You might end up with a big lump on your right shoulder and another one on your left shoulder, having a completely different look. You’d have asymmetrical freaky looking shoulders or, if you continually inject it into your arms, you’d end up with these 24-inch arms with no shape that are totally out of proportion to your forearms.
The important thing with Palumbo’s video is he says there’s MRI studies that show new muscle growth in the injection site areas. New muscle growth has nothing to do with the conventional wisdom one usually relates to synthol. Most suggest that synthol is just an oil that people inject in their arms. Chris Clark might have given his original version different properties but most believe that there’s no rhyme or reason to what you’ll look like after you inject it. The conventional wisdom is also that you’re not creating new muscle or enhancing muscle it’s just totally a “cosmetic” look. It’s not cosmetic in the sense that it makes a person look better. Palumbo specifically is saying that MRI studies showed new muscle growth, so there’s something different in the way that Chris Clark creates his version of synthol that allegedly allows you to inject something into a muscle which feeds it in some way and that creates additional muscle growth, and he says MRI studies prove this.
So in the comments section if you have any links to MRIstudies showing new muscle growth after synthol usage please post. Everything else I’ve read on the subject suggests synthol damages muscles and the videos with people getting surgery and having their arms drained of oil and people having their arms amputated after synthol use suggests negative effects with synthol use but if anybody has links to MRI studies or if Palumbo does, post them in the comments below.

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