UFC Conor McGregor Fans Break Bad in Mid-Flight Fight

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Many years ago, other than dying in a terrifying and gory plane crash or being skyjacked by an unreasonable terrorist, you used to be pretty safe flying in airplanes. Pretty safe, in that not every dreg of humanity under the sun could afford a plane ticket. Being in an airplane wasn’t like taking a bus. You do have metal detectors in airports so you can be fairly certain that a fellow citizen won’t shoot you aboard an airplane. However, more an more you hear about someone on a plane throwing a fit, smelling like shit, exposing themselves, being intoxicated, and/or throwing a fight.

A plane carrying UFC fans who were headed for UFC 194 Aldo v. McGregor was forced to turn around after some fans started a fight 36,000 feet in the air. The flight was reported to have taken off from JFK airport in New York at 8:00 pm EST and carrying, among others, a group of Irish UFC supporters. The fight broke out between at least two passengers and was disruptive enough for the pilot to have to turn JetBlue Flight 66 around and fly back to New York.

The brawlers were taken off the plane as another flight was arranged and took passengers to their original destination of Las Vegas. Yes, the passengers were pissed.

According to passengers on board the the original flight, two Irish lads began a war of words which escalated to slapping each other around. The other passengers began yelling at them to sit down until the flight crew had them separated but the die was cast and the plane was on it’s way back to New York. The fight began only 25 minutes into the 5 hour flight.

Since the video is no longer available here’s Mike Tyson on a plane instead.

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