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In September 2015, it was announced Schwarzenegger would replace Donald Trump as host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

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The iconic photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger striking a single biceps pose atop a mountain, specifically in the mountains above Palm Springs, carries not only the legacy of bodybuilding but also the beauty of the natural surroundings that served as the backdrop for this memorable moment.

Palm Springs, a renowned desert oasis in Southern California, is not only famous for its luxurious resorts but also for its stunning landscapes. The photograph was taken in the mountains above Palm Springs, a deviation from the Santa Monica Mountains, where many other famous bodybuilding photoshoots took place. The choice of this location added a unique dimension to the image, showcasing the diversity of California’s geography.

To reach the mountain top, one can take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which holds the distinction of being the largest rotating aerial tramway globally. Opened in September 1963, this engineering marvel was created to transport visitors from the floor of the Coachella Valley to the near-top of San Jacinto Peak. The tramway’s construction in the rugged Chino Canyon provided a much-needed alternative to the strenuous hours-long hike from Idyllwild to reach the mountain’s summit. The addition of rotating cars in 2000 enhanced the experience for passengers, allowing them to enjoy breathtaking views from different angles during the ascent.

The tramway leads to the Mountain Station, situated in the alpine wilderness of Long Valley and Mount San Jacinto State Park. At this elevation, the temperature can be as much as 40°F cooler than in the desert, offering a refreshing escape from the desert heat. Visitors can explore nature trails, engage in snow-related activities during the winter months, and even embark on back-country hiking with the necessary permits from the U.S. Forest Service. The two restaurants at the summit, one of which specializes in fine dining, provide an opportunity to savor a meal with a panoramic view.

Both the Mountain Station and the valley station have gift shops that offer a range of Aerial Tramway-related merchandise, along with educational toys for visitors of all ages. An informative video presentation on the history of this remarkable attraction is continuously screened in a theater at the Mountain Station, narrated by Palm Springs radio personalities.

The view from the top of San Jacinto Peak is nothing short of spectacular. On a clear day, it extends northward for over 200 miles, affording sights as far as Mount Charleston north of Las Vegas, Nevada. To the east and west, the views stretch up to 75 miles, capturing the mesmerizing landscapes of the surrounding areas. Notably, California’s Salton Sea can be plainly observed to the southeast, adding to the breathtaking vistas available at this extraordinary mountain summit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps pose atop this mountain serves as a powerful fusion of human achievement and the splendor of nature, encapsulating the essence of his legendary career and the remarkable landscapes that California has to offer.

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