Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret, and Joe Weider at 1971 Mr. Olympia

arnold schwarzenegger serge nubret joe weider
arnold schwarzenegger serge nubret

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arnold schwarzenegger
Serge Nubret, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Joe Weider

 Serge Nubret (France) IFBB Vice-President for Europe
and Joe Weider congratulate Arnold Schwarzenegger

The photo on the left was taken at the 1971 Mr. Olympia event though the uncropped version shows a sign over their heads saying 1971 Mr. Univers(no “e” at the end of “Univers”). The contest took place in Paris, France(the only time ever) and the Mr. Universe was held at the same venue, won by Albert Beckles. Schwarzenegger won unopposed at the Mr. Olympia. It wasn’t so much that he was unopposed as that 3/4 of the Mr. Olympia competitors that year were disqualified, leaving only Schwarzenegger. Sergio Oliva, Roy Callander, and Franco Columbu were initially to compete against Arnold. Sergio Oliva and Roy Callander were disqualified for entering “unsanctioned” meets and Franco Columbo was disqualified for entering a professional contest. This was the first time in IFBB history that they barred any of their competitors from any of their events. The barring was necessary in order for the IFBB to prove that they were willing to enforce their Constitution and thereby be on par with other official international athletic organizations.

Ben Weider:

“If bodybuilding is to become an Olympic Games event it must have an amateur division and it must have rules and regulations specifying who is eligible or not to compete in amateur and professional categories.”

Sergio ended up guest posing at the event and reportedly “tore the place apart”.

Will the Mr. Olympia ever become an Olympic event or are there too many drug issues?

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