Vic Tanny’s Santa Monica Gym: The Dungeon

Vic Tannys

In the bodybuilding realm of the 1960s, a small yet iconic establishment quietly stood its ground in Santa Monica, just a stone’s throw from the sun-kissed beaches. This unassuming building held a treasure trove of history for those in the know.

Just a few blocks southeast lay Vic Tanny’s 4th and Broadway basement gym, lovingly dubbed “the Dungeon” by its hardcore patrons. As Muscle Beach’s famed outdoor gym closed its doors, Tanny’s quickly became the epicenter of muscle-building prowess in the area.

Further south, near the pier, Muscle Beach’s original stomping grounds still thrived. In this compact corner of Santa Monica, bodybuilders found themselves spoiled for choice with a trifecta of fitness destinations: a top-notch gym catering to serious lifters, the iconic outdoor training space of Muscle Beach, and Weider’s Muscle Beach headquarters doubling as a fitness emporium.

The address Twelve-Twenty, Fifth Street held special significance as the location of Weider’s West Coast headquarters, now known as the Acorn Store—a spot where bodybuilders of yesteryear gathered to stock up on the latest gear and supplements.

In the accompanying video, legends Dave Draper and Gypsy Boots proudly display a box of Gypsy Boots Energy Bars, a nostalgic nod to an era fueled by passion, dedication, and the pursuit of physical excellence.

For those entrenched in the bodybuilding culture of the ’60s, this unassuming neighborhood in Santa Monica wasn’t just a place—it was a sanctuary where dreams were forged, muscles were sculpted, and legends were born.

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