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The picture below was taken around 1973 and still holds up today as massive. It may be slightly offseason, it may be because it’s uplit, Arnold may have a full pump from just working out…nonetheless, there aren’t many photos of someone over six feet tall looking this full. Have you ever noticed that on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s outer biceps there is a diagonal┬ásplit? That appears to be “tension lines” from where the biceps meet up with the deltoids. It’s not unique to Arnold but very few seem to have this and it even shows up when completely relaxed. Take a look at the photo below with Australian bodybuilder Robert Nailon. You can see on Arnold’s right side(left side of photo)┬áthat the split is in line┬ádiagonally┬áwith the back part of Arnold’s shoulder where it is separated from the triceps. The crease extends downward diagonally past the cephalic vein and through the inner biceps. It makes it look like the muscle is so big that it’s trying to come out of the skin but is held back by┬áa thin band of┬áfascia. On the directly below┬áphoto, on his left arm, you can see a slight dip almost mid way on the cephalic vein where this tension line goes through the inner biceps.

arnold schwarzenegger 1973
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1973
arnold schwarzenegger biceps split
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Robert Nailon
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