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Would morphs based off a real bodybuilder create a better Hulk than computer generated models? Watch video below.

Builtreport.com has done articles on how the movie industry is replacing bodybuilders with digital characters, three-dimensional animated characters created using computer programs like Maya and 3D Studio Max. They’re creating creatures like the Hulk and other characters which would have ordinarily, in the past, required hiring actors like Lou Ferrigno, or at least having actors in muscle suits. But you see it in movies like Warcraft where they have a huge muscular character who’s 100% virtual, computer-generated(CG). Then again,I’ve seen a lot of animated gifs recently where someone took footage of Lou Ferrigno from his 1980s Italian Hercules movies and they morphed him into looking like he’s about 100 lbs bigger than he actually was. Why don’t studios just take bodybuilders and morph(it’s technically called warping in the industry) them. It’s a lot more realistic than the computer generated imagery that just looks cartoony.

Computer generated 3D imagery still, to this date, has not been perfected enough, at least as far as making humanoid creatures, apes, and things like that. You can still tell the difference. It still looks composited. There’s that uncanny valley where it just doesn’t look real. So, people are doing animated gifs of Ferrigno and it looks pretty good actually, and those are amateurs doing that. Lou Ferrigno is older now but they could have taken a prime Lou Ferrigno and morphed him, at least with today’s technology, maybe not with the morphing/warping technology available when Ferrigno was competing. But with today’s technology they could have taken Ferrigno and morphed him into looking like the cartoon Hulk so that there would be continuity between the comic book and the Hulk movies or the Avenger series. There wasn’t a lot of continuity between the comic book and the television series because Lou Ferrigno didn’t have the same proportions. He was more athletic looking, longer arms and longer legs, almost lanky in comparison to the comic book character who has, like, 20 inch ankles and 18 inch wrists.

With today’s morphing/warping technology, you can take an actual bodybuilder, pay them, and they could look better than the current technology of 3D imagery that they’re using in movies. I don’t know they don’t do that. They could take Phil Heath or somebody. They’d have to morph his nose down to look tiny like the Hulk’s. They wouldn’t just be making the body bigger, they’d have to conform the facial structure to look like the comic book character. Read this article https://www.builtreport.com/warcraft-is-taking-acting-roles-away-from-bodybuilders/ on movie studios replacing bodybuilders with virtual characters. It appears that they could get more believable hyper-muscular characters through warping/morphing actual bodybuilders than creating CG characters from scratch.

WARCRAFT is Taking Acting Roles Away From Bodybuilders

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