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Gunnar Rosbo’s star is still rising decades after he retired. Will Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role as the Terminator be digitally replaced by Gunnar Rosbo?


The Enigmatic Sojourn: Gunnar Rosbo’s Alchemical Transformation in the Shadows of Gold’s Gym

In the dimly lit corners of Gold’s Gym, where iron and sweat coalesce in a testament to human ambition, former owner Ed Connors wove a tale of Gunnar Rosbo’s ephemeral presence in the golden state of California. A houseguest for a mere five weeks, Gunnar’s larger-than-life physique defied the warnings of an alleged struggle with alcohol, leaving Ed Connors perplexed by the incongruity between appearance and affliction.

Gunnar, a colossus standing in the shadow of Arnold, graced the beaches of Los Angeles for photoshoots with the iconic Weider. People, unable to discern the difference, would cry out, “Hey, Arnold!” a misidentification that irked the proud Gunnar, though the resemblance was uncanny.

Within the hallowed grounds of Venice Beach, mere houses away from Ed’s abode, Gunnar’s presence became a spectacle, a living echo of Arnold’s glory. Yet, beneath the veneer of adulation, whispers in the gym reached Ed’s ears—tales of a behemoth who, during his workouts, emanated the unmistakable scent of a whiskey still.

It wasn’t until Gunnar bid farewell to the shores of America after a six-week sojourn that the mystery unraveled. As Ed, in a moment of domesticity, ventured to clean beneath his kitchen sink, a revelation awaited him. The bottles of alcohol, bestowed upon hosts in customary fashion, lay depleted to a quarter inch from the bottom. Thirty vessels of spirits, once tokens of conviviality, now served as the source of Gunnar’s elusive fats and carbs.

In this enigmatic tale, the line between appearance and reality blurs, and the alchemical transformation of Gunnar Rosbo unfolds amidst the clinking weights and hushed confessions of Gold’s Gym.

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