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Dr. Mike Mew seems to be saying, in his various videos, that keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and engaging in vigorous gum chewing, can alter your facial bone structure for the better over time. These changes can be more pronounced the younger you start. The above video is a breakdown of the facial areas affected by chewing and those affected by the tongue’s positioning.

Video Transcript

What makes a face healthy and beautiful? The two terms are fairly synonymous. Someone who’s very healthy tends to have quite a nice-looking face and we’re hardwired genetically to be attracted to people who are healthy, symmetric, who are well. Although there’s a very strong genetic influence on how you grow and how you look, clearly there are also some strong environmental influences and the environmental influences can be affected. So, in real terms an individual can affect how they look and understanding the factors beneath this is vital for implementing how your facial appearance is.

The image on the left here is illustrating various different muscle groups and their effect on the facial appearance. If we take Jude in this picture on the right hand side and I greatly simplify this image. So, I simply say that we have an inner and an outer U shape. The inner U shape is determined by the tongue. The outer U shape is determined by the muscles of mastication, the biting muscles. The relative amount of posture and function has yet to be completely determined. However, it’s much more likely that posture is far more important than absolute function. So, it’s the resting position of the tongue and it’s the resting muscle tone of the biting, the chewing muscles, that are more important than there are absolute strengths. If I then compare an image that’s not been touched up, it’s quite evidence see that in the inner U, the face is set back slightly compared to the outer U and a very subtle difference but very, very important to understand and that’s what I’ll describe in this description, this lecture. If we take away everything else to simplify things, so we simplify down to just having the bone where the nerve is, taking away all the teeth, so these are some skulls of people who’ve lost all their teeth, and this is the section of the bone the muscle effects. So, I refer to this as the bucket handle. The bucket handle can swing up or down and that synonymous with an upswing or a downswing of the facial complex as I described in the concept of craniofacial dystrophy.

Now, we do want to remember that comparing back, of course to Jude. You can see where the inner section you have the bucket handle. You have the section of the mandible with the nerve in it. That section of the mandible that doesn’t change very much and as the muscles of mastication the resting muscle tone lifts the bucket handle up. Tou can see the bucket handle evident on Jude’s face.

Now, up to roughly this point here, the simple extraction of the teeth can have an effect and they can have quite a large effect and it is noticeable when people have taken teeth out the before-and-afters that I have seen and, of course, here’s an individual who destroyed his mid face with an attempted suicide and you can see how that bucket handle is evident because we’ve taken away the mid face, so the structure of the mid face has gone. That makes it more evident.

This is an important slide. This is time added in and this is the effect that we want you or you want yourself to achieve whether you can affect how your face is looking because, of course, for people with joint problems with people with many other problems like crooked teeth, getting the face to swing up can be greatly beneficial and we need to ask the question of which section of the face, the inner U or the outer U has become more prevalent over time for you. The inner section here or the outer section here over time which force? The tongue gently pushing up the middle U or the resting musculature gently pushing up the outer U? Which one’s been most influential? What do you think because my appreciation of this situation is it’s Jude as gently lifted up the outer U which is very, very common particularly in driven, achieving men who clench their teeth a lot and where as biting and chewing will buildup the resting muscle tone. So, eventually build up the outer U is not going to build up that inner U and you need these to go and balance and there can be problems of these aren’t in balance. So, if you want to develop a healthier face, you want to fulfill your genetic potential, then you need to work both on the tongue, its resting position, and on the resting muscle tone and these two need to go synonymously together to build a healthy and more attractive face.

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