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The late 1970s and early 1980s were indeed a fascinating period in the world of bodybuilding and fitness modeling. During this era, several NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association) fitness models and female bodybuilders gained recognition for their unique and natural physiques. These women possessed attributes that were often described as rare genetic fortuitous anomalies, and their success was driven by their naturally curvy and proportionate bodies, as well as a dedication to fitness.

Let’s delve further into this distinctive period and some of the notable figures you mentioned:

1. Jacqueline Nubret: Jacqueline Nubret, the wife of bodybuilder Serge Nubret, was celebrated for her naturally athletic and well-proportioned physique. Her narrow waist, curvy hips, and natural breasts made her stand out in an era where a more natural look was appreciated.

2. Bridget Gibbons: Bridget Gibbons, whose image appears on banners and promotional materials from that era, embodied the idealized fitness model look of the time. Her physique was a testament to her genetics and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Sandra Kong: Sandra Kong was another exemplar of the naturally well-built fitness model. Her physique, characterized by a balanced and attractive figure, captured the attention of many fitness enthusiasts.

Indeed, these models were distinctive in their own right, and their success was rooted in their genetics and dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Unlike some contemporary bodybuilders and fitness models who might resort to extreme measures such as hormone use, surgeries, and intense training regimens, these women embodied a more natural and balanced approach to their fitness pursuits.

These models seemed to vanish from the fitness scene, and the industry saw a shift towards different beauty standards and trends. The advent of competitive bodybuilding for women, epitomized by figures like Rachel McLish, ushered in new ideals that sometimes favored a leaner and more muscular look. This shift reflected changing preferences and perceptions within the fitness community and broader society.

It’s essential to recognize that beauty standards and trends in bodybuilding and fitness modeling have evolved over time, and different eras have celebrated various body types and aesthetics. While the late 1970s and early 1980s featured these unique and naturally gifted fitness models, subsequent years have seen shifts in what is considered ideal. Fitness and bodybuilding remain dynamic fields where individuals continue to pursue a wide range of goals, from natural and holistic fitness to competitive and sculpted physiques, each with its own set of challenges and approaches.

Tony Emmott and Bridget Gibbons
Tony Emmott and Bridget Gibbons

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