Alyssa Loughran- The Best Fitness Model Ever?

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From Robot Woman To Rosie the Riveter

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I was reading an¬†article on Japan’s robot¬†revolution where they where talking about a beautiful and intelligent robot they call Erica who is leading their robot revolution.¬†It will be interesting to see where technology goes with robots as they will no doubt be taking our jobs in the near future.¬† Anyway, I was thinking of writing a bodybuilding or fitness article that was related to what I was reading about robot women. I then started to think about which fitness model they should model a robot after as “Erica” was kind of average.¬†¬†So, I did an image search for “fitness model”. ‘Fitness model’ used to be synonymous with ‘female fitness model’ but a Google image search enlightened me that “fitness model”¬†is now half guys. A narrower focused search was necessary.¬†I remembered seeing photos of a fitness model competing on stage wearing a Rosie the Riveter outfit. Rosie the Riveter was a cultural icon during the second World War representing American women who worked in factories and shipyards. So, I typed in both “fitness model” and “Rosie the Riveter” which brought me to photos of¬†Alyssa Loughran. Then I started to wonder why Alyssa Loughran isn’t more well known. She must have the best structure on any fitness model I’ve ever seen.

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Is Alyssa Loughran For Real?

I wanted to see more images of¬†Alyssa Loughran than just the ‘Rosie the Riveter” shots so I did an internet search of¬†just her name.¬†It seemed that a lot of her photographs were taken by a photographer named Jeff Zoet. I also noticed some studio shots of her in various costumes including a Marvel Comic’s Punisher-style¬†outfit. It then struck me that there was a possibility that every one of her photos may have been photoshopped to look beyond what has been possible¬†genetically. After all, many fitness competitors appear drawn and bony with painfully tight breast implants. Alyssa Loughran looked like something a pin up artist would come up with. Look at the the curves to her calves, hamstrings and derriere. Unreal. She looks healthy and, best of all, like a woman instead of an overly tanned capped shouldered boy with make up, hair styling, and half grapefruit breast implants. However, I didn’t want to write an article touting her assets only to find that she’s substantially drawn in an image editing program. After reasonable scrutiny I decided that every photo of her was consistent¬†and that¬†they all looked unaltered as well. I mean, many photographers touch up here and there but if these were touched up they look¬†well within the range of what most photographers do.

Alyssa Loughran and the Video Test

Since I wanted to be absolutely certain that I would be writing an article about a fitness model that actually resembles her photographs, I decided to watch videos of her. Sure, video makers can use filters but, at least in this point in time, they can’t touch up every single frame. Keep in mind that the stills you see are not glamour shots but she definitely looks like the same woman in the photos with the same body and curves. Alyssa Loughran passed the video test as well.



Alyssa Loughran is the real deal but it still baffles me why she isn’t on the cover of every fitness and¬†bodybuilding magazine there is. Maybe that’s the topic of a future article. In the mean time, check out the videos below which are where these exercise stills were captured from. ¬†Most of all, remember through Alyssa’s example that women don’t have to be mini men. Concentrate less on capped wide deltoids and ripped lats and more on the hips, glutes, hamstrings, the back part of the calves, and¬†a narrow waist. Go more for an hourglass shape than an X frame.¬†¬†Like Alyssa, be proud to be a woman instead of trying to emulate men in every conceivable way, including the body. That is all.

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