Were Cro Magnon Stronger Than Soy Boys?

Paul Joseph Watson tweaks Vegan Gains regarding the feminization of males. Is soy becoming the scapegoat for pronounced testosterone lowering effects in males instead of chemicals like Atrazine or Bisphenol A? Are men actually becoming more feminized or is media promotion of feminized males making feminized males more visible? Have humans taken an evolutionary step backwards regarding brawn and brains? One thing for certain is that prehistoric Cro Magnons had larger brain cases and stronger bone structures on average than modern humans.

The capacity of an anatomically modern adult human’s cranial cavity is 1200-1700 cm3.


Cro-Magnons were robustly built and powerful. The body was generally heavy and solid with a strong musculature. The forehead was fairly straight rather than sloping like in Neanderthals, and with only slight browridges. The face was short and wide. The chin was prominent. The brain capacity averaged about 1,600 cc (98 cu in), larger than the average for modern humans.


To clarify the above quotes, Cro Magnon were considered modern-type humans(Homo sapiens), as opposed to a different species or sub-species but, as a whole, had larger cranial capacities on average than present day humans.

It’s not like there has to be a trade off between muscle and brains. Check out some of these robust Cro Magnon skulls below. The largest Cro Magnon skull was found in The Barma Grande cave (Grimaldi, Vintimiglia, Italy) and has a cranial capacity of 1880 cm3(average modern human is 1440 cm3).

Will better diets and chemical-free environments be enough to mitigate the damage or even reverse our fall from prehistoric brain and body superiority?

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