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The Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Villain

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The Villain features Swedish-American actress Ann Margret as well as Austrian thespian and physical culturist Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unlike Steve Reeves who starred in A Long Ride From Hell, Arnold Schwarzenegger never starred inĀ an Italian Western, aka Spaghetti Western. He did, however, co-star in a western comedy called The Villain(1979)Ā along with Kirk Douglas and Ann Margret. The Villain was directed by stuntman turned director Hall Needham, who had a massive success a couple years prior with his 1977 directorial debut, Smokey and theĀ Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds. Needham’sĀ stunt actorĀ andĀ stunt coordinator creditsĀ include over 100 movies and television shows dating back to the lateĀ 1950s.

Kirk Douglas plays a Wile E. Coyote-type character called Cactus Jack, Ann Margret plays Charming Jones, and Arnold Schwarzenegger played the naive Handsome Stranger.

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