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The Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Villain

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The Villain features Swedish-American actress Ann Margret as well as Austrian thespian and physical culturist Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unlike Steve Reeves who starred in A Long Ride From Hell, Arnold Schwarzenegger never starred in¬†an Italian Western, aka Spaghetti Western. He did, however, co-star in a western comedy called The Villain(1979)¬†along with Kirk Douglas and Ann Margret. The Villain was directed by stuntman turned director Hall Needham, who had a massive hit¬†success a couple years prior with his 1977 directorial debut, Smokey and the¬†Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds. Needham’s¬†stunt actor¬†and¬†stunt coordinator credits¬†include over 100 movies and television shows dating back to the late¬†1950s.

Kirk Douglas plays a Wile E. Coyote-type character called Cactus Jack, Ann Margret plays Charming Jones, and Arnold Schwarzenegger played the naive Handsome Stranger.

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