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The Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Villain

The Villain features Swedish-American actress Ann Margret as well as Austrian thespian and physical culturist Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While the iconic Steve Reeves made his mark in the Italian Western genre with his role in “A Long Ride From Hell,” Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian Oak turned Hollywood legend, never ventured into the realm of Spaghetti Westerns. However, Arnold’s foray into the world of western cinema took a rather unconventional and humorous twist with his role in “The Villain” in 1979.

Directed by Hall Needham, who had transitioned from being a stuntman to a director, “The Villain” is not your typical western. Needham was no stranger to the film industry, having made a significant impact with his 1977 directorial debut, “Smokey and the Bandit,” which starred the charismatic Burt Reynolds. Needham’s remarkable career in Hollywood stretched back to the late 1950s, encompassing a vast array of movies and television shows where he donned multiple hats, serving as both a stunt actor and a stunt coordinator.

In “The Villain,” Kirk Douglas takes on the role of Cactus Jack, a character reminiscent of the classic Wile E. Coyote, known for his relentless and often misguided pursuits. Ann-Margret steps into the shoes of Charming Jones, who finds herself entangled with the bumbling Cactus Jack. However, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger who steals the show by portraying the naive and fittingly named Handsome Stranger. The film blends the western genre with slapstick humor, creating a unique and entertaining experience for the audience.

“The Villain” might not be a conventional Spaghetti Western, but it remains a noteworthy entry in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s diverse filmography. The film showcases his versatility as an actor, allowing him to flex his comedic muscles alongside legendary co-stars. While Arnold may not have ridden the dusty trails of Italian Westerns, “The Villain” stands as a lighthearted and amusing addition to his cinematic legacy, showcasing the Austrian Oak’s ability to tackle a wide range of roles in the world of film.

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