Rare Steve Reeves Photos: Part 2

Steve Reeves

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Steve Reeves:

I still think that Steve Reeves was the greatest of all time because the beauty he had and the body and all that stuff. It’s just like in the old days, when Steve Reeves walked on the beach, people just stopped cold and they said, “Oh my God, would I love to have a body like that.” And that is what it is really about. What does that say? That says everyone out there says, “That’s the kind of a body I want”.

Look at the old days when Steve Reeves won. When Steve Reeves won, and you saw him at the beach, you said to yourself, “I would love to have this guy’s body. Wow! Look at how beautiful this man looks. But that’s not what you can say today about those guys that win the competitions. And, so, what I’m trying to tell the judges is that you got to go and look at everything. Like, for instance, so many of those guys have their stomach sticking out. What are we talking about here, I mean it used to be that you should have a V-shaped body. Now…. I don’t know.

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