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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger have six pack abs? What are packs of abs, anyway? Your fascia, a connective tissue, determines the number of “packs” you’ll have in the abdominal area. In between where the horizontal bands of fascia pull the muscle in is where the abdominal packs “pop” out. The more bands of fascia, the more “packs” you will have. So, what does Schwarzenegger have? A four pack? A six pack? Definitely not an eight pack as some people have.

Is there an ideal number of abdominal rows? Most people seem to have three rows of abs. Does ab symmetry matter? Frank Zane(see below) didn’t have 100% symmetrical abs but is considered one of the most aesthetic bodybuilders ever. How your waistline looks is determined by a number of factors besides abs including your obliques, lower back muscles, lower lats, serratus, and intercostals, even the gluteal muscles as they go higher up than your navel. Your rib cage and pelvis shape also plays in to how your midsection looks. Some people have narrow waist and hip structures, some are wider. The torso length is another factor. However, the most important factor is lack of fat. Related to lack of fat is body fat percentage because if you keep the exact same amount of fat that you now have but add muscle then you are actually lowering your body fat percentage. So, it may be difficult to lose every last speck of fat around the waist but adding muscle to your abs, obliques, etc… will make the fat deposits less noticeable…the more so if you are already fairly lean.

Arnold’s Ab Routine

Roman Chair Crunches……4 sets of 25 reps
Seated Leg Tucks……….4 sets of 25 reps

Roman Chair Situps………………………………………….10 minutes

See link below for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s complete 1973 Mr. Olympia workout routine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 1973 Workout

Frank Zane, Mr. Olympia 1977, 1978, 1979

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