Rich Piana makes Drudge Report Front page

Rich Piana on Drudge Report
Rich Piana on Drudge Report

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The Drudge Report is the news aggregator website that many media outlets constantly source to find relevant and/or interesting stories. A Rich Piana headline not only made Drudge’s main page but his image did as well. The linked headline, “The bodybuilder taking steroids for 30 YEARS!”, takes you to a page on UK’s The Sun titled “Meet the bodybuilder who has been using steroids for more than 30 YEARS and says he wouldn’t change a thing”.

Piana’s “Whatever it Takes” philosophy, steroids, as well as his slapping incident with Jason Genova are discussed The Sun article.

Read the article in The Sun here.

The Sun Rich Piana article

Rich Piana’s Brilliant Comeuppance

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