Bob Cicherillo “Shields” Joe Rogan From Dave Palumbo?


Directly below is the update video. Scroll down for the deleted original rant video’s written transcript.

This alleged email incident actually happened two months before Dave posted the rant video. According to Dave, part of the reason he had been holding on to the information was to not interfere with Bob Cicherillo’s Mr. Olympia duties. Start at 8:10 on video below:

Initially, Dave Palumbo suspected Bob Cicherillo of attempting to sabotage Dave’s potential Joe Rogan Podcast appearance by sending disparaging emails about Palumbo to Rogan’s podcast producer.

Subsequently, Cicherillo contacted Palumbo and denied sending the suspected emails. Palumbo said that he now believes Cicherillo did not send the emails because it is Dave’s opinion that Bob would own up to it if he actually did what he was accused of. The original video was deleted by Dave but the transcript, transcribed the day the original video was posted, is further down on this page. Both rivals will appear together in a future video to discuss all things related to their understandings and misunderstandings related to this and past issues between each other.

Also, if the Bob Cicherillo email was fake, has it been confirmed that the Rogan show email was not also faked? Was Palumbo ever contacted by an actual representative of Joe Rogan?

Missed the original Dave Palumbo video rant that he later deleted? Then, you may be a little confused. Scroll down and read the entire rant.

Dave Palumbo Rant Transcript

Dave Palumbo, with an Rx muscle rant. Today’s topic, Bob Cicherillo. That’s right, I’m gonna be talking about Cicherillo who I found out, which I already knew, but I got confirmation a couple weeks ago, about the fact that he is a despicable human being.

Now, in order to make a statement like that you have to have evidence to back that up, right? So, let’s let’s take a step back, okay? A couple months ago, someone had suggested to me, and more than one person, that, Dave, you’d be a great guest for the Joe Rogan podcast. And I said, you know what, I actually liked the Joe Rogan podcast. I think Joe Rogan is very diversified and can talk about anything. He’s big into the ketogenic diet. He’s into ayahuasca, into spiritual enlightenment… He’ll talk about anything, pretty much any anything. A lot of the same things I am into, obviously. I’m a big ketogenic diet guy, talking about it for thirty years.

So people figured, hey, we think you can be a great guest cuz you guys could talk about all the same things that you’re into and, you know, I think you guys would click. So, I said I would love to go on his podcast but I’m not one of these guys that likes to ask other people. I said, if you guys really want me on the podcast, you contact the Joe Rogan show. I told all you guys listening out there, all my listeners, if you guys really want me and you ask and maybe they’ll get me on.

So, unbeknownst to me, I guess a lot of people contacted the show because the line editor contacted me and said, hey Dave, you know, he sent me an email and said you must have a lot of fans out there because they want to see you on the Joe Rogan podcast cuz I got it a lot of feedback from people saying “you got to get Dave Palumbo on the Joe Rogan podcast”. He said what’s your availability or whatever and he wanted to feel me out. So, I wrote him back and I said yeah, I’d love to come on. I gave my background I said I was a top-level bodybuilder for many many years and I I’m a big proponent of the ketogenic diet and they’re talking about that he is too.

I’m really into educating people about the merits of low carb dieting and proper health and detoxification and I said I could talk about anything. I could talk about performance enhancing drugs. I said I breed reptiles. I said I know Joe likes animals and stuff like that. I’ve done ayahuasca and I’m a big believer in all the spiritual beliefs that Joe is involved in. Anti-aging. I know that’s a big topic. Whatever you want to talk about. So, we were going back and forth a couple times and and then i got an email of something from him saying, you know it’s interesting… do you know a guy by the name of Bob Cicherillo? Because he sent me this email below and I’m gonna– I’ll put the email up on the screen. The email basically went on to disparage me, to basically say this guy is a terrible guy and that you should not have him on your show.

So, Bob sends this letter to the line producer of the Joe Rogan podcast and I’ll put it up on screen so you can take a look at it all. “Been in the bodybuilding industry from my entire adult life and am both a professional and business executive. I’m the master of ceremonies at many bodybuilding events and promote the sport. I realized the Dave Palumbo put out a call to action to his listeners to lobby for his appear on the Joe Rogan podcast. However, he’s not a suitable representative for the industry for the following reasons and he lists these reasons like the 95 thesis that Martin Luther tacked on to the the door of the church back in the 1500s when he started the Protestant Reformation. You would think I was I was the devil incarnate trying to appear on the Joe Rogan Podcast. And he lists all these reasons why I’m not a good representative of the bodybuilding industry. I’m not going on the show as a representative of the bodybuilding industry, I’m going on the show as a representative of myself, a free-thinking individual who actually has something interesting to say.

Did Bob Cicherillo really send this email to Joe Rogan’s people and did Joe Rogan’s people ever actually contact Dave Palumbo?

Bob Cicherillo talks about the fact that I I never was a professional bodybuilder. He talked about how I lacked the aesthetics and the qualities it takes to compete even though I beat him several times on stage at the USA championships. He neglects to mention that. He talks about me going to jail, okay, we all know about that. He talks about the fact that I provide information and advice to people but I’m not a medical expert. In other words, I’m not a doctor. Great, I’m not a doctor. I don’t tell anyone to think I’m a doctor. I say I’m a guy who just has a lot of knowledge and that’s what I do. I educate people.

There’s a lot of people out there who who didn’t even graduate college. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t graduate from Harvard. He went one year but he didn’t graduate. He does an awful lot for the community out there with Facebook and Instagram right but that’s not neither here nor there. Okay, here’s the real question, why in the world would Bob Cicherillo take time out of his busy schedule to contact the Joe Rogan podcast to say that I shouldn’t be on?

It didn’t make sense to me but then I get another email from the line producer who says, oh, by the way, Bob sent sent me another email. So, Bob must have said to himself, “You know what? I don’t think the first email was was was enough to really make them not get Dave on the show. Let me throw something else in”. He writes, “Hi, in addition to my previous email, I wanted to point out that Mr. Palumbo was also a well known racist. He was trying to secure an interview with Phil Heath and was trying to prep him in advance with questions about his ethnic background which don’t really relate to anything relevant about losing the Olympia. From what others in the industry have told me, he called Phil a bold green eyed n-word behind closed doors.

Now, why would Bob say that? First of all, anyone who knows me knows I’m not a racist and I’m not gonna tell people I have black friends, I thought those are racist people who say that. I’m the least racist person out there. Let me tell you, okay? I grew up in a household where my dad would have beat the crap out of me if anything racist ever came out of my mouth. So, the fact that Bob saying I’ve heard you said this about this. This is another to try to slander me to the Joe Rogan podcast.

Why is this guy doing this? And then I know you’re probably saying, why would Bob take the time, waste time, to do this? Because Bob is jealous of me. Because, let’s take a step back to 2012. Now, Bob’s probably jealous because I beat him on stage a couple times. The funny thing is I’d be the first person to say that Bob’s a better bodybuilder than I was because I think he was. However, I was better than him because I had more heart than he did. I had more muscle. I had better conditioning and I brought that to the stage every time I stepped on stage and obviously that’s a threat to Bob. I wish I had Bob’s genetics. I would have been probably competing for the Olympia title but that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s go back to the real reason Bob doesn’t like me because in 2012 at the Junior Nationals there was a girl competing there who Bob was hitting on. Now at this time Bob was married so that just goes to show you Bob’s character but Bob is hitting on this girl and she didn’t want anything to do with him but for some reason she thought that I was interesting. She liked me. I don’t know why. Who the hell knows why anyone likes anyone, right? I was single at the time, you know, I ended up hanging out with her for a few weeks and that was the end of that. Bob and I know this to be the case because the girl told me what Bob said, that bob was hitting on her and propositioning her. So, Bob, yes I know the story and I also know that you went behind my back there and was bad-mouthing me to that girl at the show, saying “Ah, he’s gonna ruin your career and he’s not good for your career”

I know the story. The reason I never told the story is I don’t give a damn. You don’t really affect my life but I want people to know what the motivation is behind the man who calls himself the voice of bodybuilding. Now, flash forward to 2013/14 time zone when I started dating my wife, Amanda. Bob also decided that he was gonna bad mouth me to my wife, to my future wife. Yes, yes, Bob. I know the story. My wife told me “this is bad for your career, oh, I don’t know why you hang out with him”. Who does that? Only bitches do that. Only bitches. Doesn’t Bob watch movies? The guy who always bad now it’s the other guy too the girl never gets the girl. It’s never Bob, they never get the girl. You become the bitch, okay? So sorry, you’re the bitch and you know what we call people that go behind other people’s backs to try to bad-mouth them and have bad things happen them? We call those rats. That’s right, you rat it to the Joe Rogan show on me try to get me in trouble which I don’t even give a crap if I appear on there or not. That’s the funny thing is that the line editor thought it was hysterical. It’s so hysterical that he sent me your letters, the letters you probably never thought I would ever see because people think you are a joke. You’re a joke, Bob. You’re a rat and you’re a bitch and you’re a joke and you’re not the voice of bodybuilding. You’re the elevator music of bodybuilding. I’m Dave Palumbo with an RxMuscle rant.

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