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The following is a 1971 Arthur Jones Press Release: “At the moment, Sergio Oliva is in DeLand, Florida – training for the NABBA Professional Mr. Universe contest to be held in London on September 18. 1971. During the first week in DeLand, Sergio trained every day for five days in a row – but very briefly. His total training time for the week was less than five hours – and a rather large part of that time was devoted to required rest periods. Starting tomorrow, Sergio will begin training on a regular three times-weekly basis – Monday. Wednesday and Friday – and each workout will require approximately one hour and twenty minutes. A total weekly training time of a bit less than four hours. During the nine weeks that we have prior to the Mr. Universe contest, Sergio will train a total of less than thirty-five hours, and from all reports, it appears that his principal competitors in California will be training as much in each week of that time as Sergio will during the entire nine weeks. During the first week of “break-in” training in DeLand. Sergio gained in bodyweight, increased the “cold” measurement of his upper arms by a solid three eights of an inch, and increased his definition to a marked degree.”

Sergio’s exact program for the upper torso is outlined below .
I – One set of 15 repetitions – Nautilus Pullover-type Torso Machine
2 – One set of 12 repetitions – Nautilus Behind-neck type Torso
3 – One set of 12 repetitions – Nautilus Torso-Arm Machine. behind
4 – One set of 10 repetitions – Nautilus Torso-Arm Machine. to chest
The above four exercises performed “in cycle” on three types of
Nautilus machines – require a total of a bit less than four minutes:
Sergio will perform TWO such cycles in each of three weekly workouts

  • with no rest at all between sets during each cycle. and with only one
    minute of rest between cycles. Thus his total training time for that
    section of the body will be approximately EIGHT MINUTES per
    workout – or TWENTY-FOUR MINUTES per week.
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