Steve Reeves, Athena, 1954

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Steve Reeves with Debbie Reynolds and Dick Dubois

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Athena stars Jane Powell, Edmund Purdom, Debbie Reynolds, Vic Damone, Louis Calhern and is the story of a rich conservative lawyer who falls in love with a woman that has a family full of fitness fanatics. Steve Reeves is a featured bodybuilder along with Joe Gold, Ed Fury, Bert Goodrich, and Irvin ‘Zabo’ Koszewski. If the photos below are any indication Dick Dubois was also featured although he is not listed in the credits on IMDB.

Steve Reeves was also featured in cult director Ed Wood’s Jail Bait in 1954. Click here to see a Steve Reeves clip in Athena. Click here to see the trailer for Jail Bait.

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