Steve Reeves on the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

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Steve Reeves on George Burns and Gracie Allen's tv show

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Steve Reeves hamming it up with husband and wife duo Gracie Allen and George Burns. Reeves went on to play Greek god Hercules in “Hercules” and “Hercules Unchained”. Not to be outdone, George Burns went on to play God in “Oh, God!” as well as it’s two sequels “Oh, God! Book II” and “Oh, God! You Devil”.

Before hitting it big as Hercules in 1958, Steve Reeves acted in a few minor movie and television roles. In 1957, a year prior to the release of Hercules, Reeves had a guest appearance on the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show which was a popular television comedy that was broadcast from 1950 to 1958. Steve Reeves’ first role on television was for a 15 minute pilot episode of a Tarzan-like character called “Kimbar of the Jungle” which was never picked up by the network.

If you would like to see Reeves’ appearance on “The Burns and Allen Show” Built Report has two options. The first is to provide context by watching the entire episode which was titled “Harry Returns Early”, It’s the video below with the same name. If you choose that route and decide that you want to skip to the part that Reeves is in you can go to 13:59 and watch Reeves performance. If you want to cut to the chase to just the part Steve Reeves was in then watch the video below called “Steve Reeves funny rare video, original voice”.

Reeves string of Italian movies were all dubbed by other actor so here is a chance to hear Reeves’ real voice. Notice Reeves’ picture on the wall right next to the Foley’s Gym sign.

Steve Reeves Gallery

Steve Reeves, Morgan the Pirate, 1960

Steve Reeves, Athena, 1954

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