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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1969 fantasy adventure film Hercules in New York has been packaged and repackaged for almost every country on earth but Germany’s version is the bawdiest. Apparently, Germany’s truth in advertising laws are not strictly enforced, as the DVD jacket bears little resemblance to the actual movie.

Outrageous German DVD cover for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Hercules in New York”.

Hercules in New York is a lighthearted, G rated suitable-for-any-age movie that the Germans have decided to sell as what appears to be an R rated topless filth fest on the level of 1981’s Porky’s or Bob Guccione’s opus obscenis Caligula. Despite the fact that there is no nudity in the entire movie, German distributors have seen fit to place no less than three topless women in togas on the cover, one of which is being leered at by a libidinous gray haired “gentleman”. What is additionally shocking is the artist’s portrayal of France’s gift the the United States, Lady Liberty, as a wild uncontrollable sexpot with her dress hiked to indecent levels. No less scandalous is the depiction of Schwarzenegger as some long haired ne’er-do-well forcefully appropriating the United States’ symbol of liberty. Arnold’s barbarian length locks, no where to be seen in the film, are no doubt a nod to Germanic folk hero Conan the Barbarian as well as a slight to Greek culture and the very Greek icon and mythological hero the movie is supposed to be honoring.

Built Report will continue to report on the worldwide dubious marketing of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic, Hercules in the New York.

Please follow the link below for our report on Italy’s packaging of Hercules in New York:

“Hercules in New York” Italian Poster

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