Tom Platz Steroid Cycle

Tom Platz

  • Editor note: Steroids were in full bloom when Tom Platz was competing. They were as prevalent in pro bodybuilding and important to bodybuilding then as they are today. Tren, Insulin, and GH existed but hadn’t become popular among bodybuilders. For example, Trenbolone acetate was first synthesized in 1963, for cattle, but hadn’t become popular with bodybuilders until the early 1980s.
  • Platz says he took 20 milligrams of Winstrol pills a day and one 100 mg shot of Deca a week. Says that was his life’s drug cycle and that was all he ever did. Never took testosterone or designer drugs.
  • Platz says he transitioned to taking steroids after 10 years of heavy lifting as natural. He says he squatted with 585 as a natural. He started lifting at age nine.
  • Platz was more into anabolics than androgenics.
  • Platz was into heavy high rep squats mixed in with heavier weights for lower reps, and more concerned with what stimulated muscle growth than bragging rights concerning the poundage.
  • Platz talks about Arnold teaching him what to do when he went out on stage, just stand there, don’t do anything, then crack a smile, and then ‘take the audience with you’. He compares that to how current bodybuilders ask for applause. He’s referring to making clapping gestures to the audience to prompt them to clap or cupping your hand to your ear like you’re aware the audience isn’t clapping enough and you’re pleading for more. He says it’s embarrassing, as in he’s embarrassed for them or he’s embarrassed that people in his field do something so pathetic.

The insights gathered from bodybuilder Tom Platz’s discussions about his competitive bodybuilding steroid regimen provide a fascinating glimpse into the mindset and practices of a dedicated athlete during an era when winning the Mr. Olympia title was the ultimate goal. Platz’s unwavering determination to achieve this pinnacle of success permeated every aspect of his approach, including his steroid usage.

One key aspect to highlight is Platz’s unyielding commitment to his goal. His attitude of “win the Mr. Olympia or die trying” underscores the relentless pursuit of excellence that characterized his career. This mindset shed light on the fact that he spared no effort in his quest for victory. The very notion of moderation seemed at odds with his all-consuming desire to win, which translated into his readiness to explore and even push the boundaries of steroid use.

It’s important to note that Platz’s approach was driven by a clear and unequivocal focus on winning. While it is likely that he exercised some degree of caution regarding his drug regimen to avoid certain side effects or career-shortening consequences, his overriding objective was to secure victory. This approach is reflective of the prevailing ethos of competitive bodybuilding during his era, where the pursuit of excellence was often characterized by an unwavering commitment to surpassing all obstacles.

The reference to the Musclemag cover quote serves as a poignant reminder of Platz’s hardcore ethos. It emphasizes that he was willing to go to extraordinary lengths in his quest for success. Platz stood out as a symbol of unrelenting dedication and a willingness to overlook nothing that could provide a competitive edge. In the competitive bodybuilding landscape of his time, embracing such an uncompromising mindset was essential.

Furthermore, it’s worth acknowledging that Platz’s public persona closely aligned with his actual personality. His hardcore image wasn’t merely for show; it was a reflection of his deeply ingrained commitment to his craft. He remained true to his character and beliefs, allowing his authenticity to shine through in his public image.

In summary, the notes extracted from Tom Platz’s discussion shed light on the unyielding determination and hardcore mindset that defined his approach to competitive bodybuilding. Platz’s relentless pursuit of victory left no room for moderation, as he was prepared to explore every avenue that could provide a competitive edge. His career exemplified an era where the pursuit of excellence was characterized by unwavering commitment and a resolute focus on success. Tom Platz’s enduring legacy as a hardcore bodybuilder continues to inspire and resonate with those dedicated to the sport.

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