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Vegan Gains Mushrooms

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Edit: The Youtube video described in the following video was taken down by Youtube. Youtube started out caring about the “You” in Youtube but has long since devolved into a censorship and gatekeeping organization with an open hostility towards anyone outside of their authoritarian world view.

Before you dismiss Vegan Gains’ positive mood altering experiences with hallucinogens outright, be aware that Ketamine, aka Special K, which in higher dosages may have a euphoric or hallucinogenic effect, is being used experimentally by doctors to treat depression. Scientists are working on a version of the drug to prescribe for depression. Dr. Steven Mandel is interviewed in the video below and discusses treatments. Mandel’s Ketamine treatment is currently prohibitively expensive for most and not likely covered by insurance.

This posting is strictly intended to discuss possible cutting edge drug treatments for depression and not in any way recommend illegal drug usage. Any drugs not taken under medical supervision and in the wrong dosages may make matters worse. Proper nutrition, diet, exercise, and other factors should be considered first rather than looking for a quick fix.

According to Wikipedia:

Ketamine has been tested in treatment-resistant bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and people in a suicidal crisis in emergency rooms. Benefit is often of a short duration. The quality of the evidence supporting benefit is generally low.

The drug is given by a single intravenous infusion at doses less than those used in anesthesia, and preliminary data indicate it produces a rapid (within 2 hours) and relatively sustained (about 1–2 weeks long) reduction in symptoms in some people. Initial studies have resulted in interest due to its rapid onset, and because it appears to work by blocking NMDA receptors for glutamate, a different mechanism from most modern antidepressants that operate on other targets.

According to

Special K is the street name for the drug ketamine hydrochloride, also known as ketalar, ketaject, vitamin K, and super K. Ketamine is a legal prescription anesthetic for both people and animals, but some people use it recreationally in powder (commonly snorted, melted to inject, or taken orally) or pill (taken orally). At low doses, ketamine may give a mild, dreamy feeling of floating outside of the body. Higher doses may have a euphoric or hallucinogenic effect that causes users to feel even more disassociated from their bodies, to the point where they may become unable to move or communicate. Some people refer to this sensation as entering a “K-hole” and report that it feels like a near-death experience.

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