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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to weigh as low as 220 pounds for this contest, which is quite remarkable considering the number of people that lift weights, weigh over 220, and look nothing like that. Very often you see some amateur bodybuilder post their picture somewhere, claiming to weigh 250, which undoubtedly they do, but have nowhere near the quality of Schwarzenegger. And it’s not just because they have ample pounds of fat that comprise that 250 lb. “physique”. They may have flat biceps, no separation in the quads, over sized thighs with ridiculous adductor muscles, a huge waist structure, acne ridden skin tone, etc… All those negative features add up. If you have 15 minor flaws, which a lot of times are correctable, they throw your physique off to such degree that even though the general public are not bodybuilding experts they can easily tell that Arnold has something you don’t. Despite this, there are still many amateur competitors who believe that they could beat Arnold if they were competing in the 1970s because they’re “bigger”.

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