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flex magazine

Dear Flex Magazine Subscriber,

Thank you for being a subscriber to Flex Magazine. We hope you have enjoyed each issue. Effective with the May issue, Flex will no longer be published. You last issue will be the April issue. However, the good news is that Flex is merging with Muscle & Fitness magazine. Starting with the May 2018 issue – and for the remainder of your subscription – you will receive Muscle & Fitness that incorporates Flex content.

Expect the new Muscle & Fitness to include all the tips and workout programs Flex readers and avid bodybuilders crave, as well as the latest training and nutrition trends, expert interviews, gear, and tech needed to train smarter, build muscle, and sculpt your best physique ever.

If you are also a current subscriber to Muscle & Fitness, your subscription will be automatically extended for your remaining copies of Flex.

Look for your first issue in your mailbox in April.

Thank you.

Flex Magazine

flex magazine
First Issue April 1983

Flex’s Merge With Muscle and Fitness

The notice from Flex Magazine to its subscribers regarding the discontinuation of the magazine and its merger with Muscle & Fitness is both a farewell and a promise of a new beginning. It’s clear that Flex Magazine appreciates the support and loyalty of its readers, and this message seeks to provide clarity and assurance during the transition.

The message starts with gratitude, thanking subscribers for their ongoing support and expressing the hope that readers enjoyed each issue of Flex. This acknowledgment of their readers is a nice touch, as it recognizes the relationship that has been built over the years.

The key announcement is the merger with Muscle & Fitness magazine, effective from the May 2018 issue onward. This is presented as “good news,” signaling that the legacy of Flex will continue in a new form. Subscribers are informed that the last standalone issue of Flex will be in April, marking the end of an era. However, the merger is positioned as a positive development, assuring readers that they will still have access to content that caters to their interests.

The notice outlines what subscribers can expect from the new Muscle & Fitness magazine. It emphasizes that the content will include the same tips and workout programs that Flex readers and bodybuilders crave. This is crucial in reassuring subscribers that the transition is more of an expansion and enhancement rather than a complete departure from what they love about Flex. The promise of the latest training and nutrition trends, expert interviews, and coverage of gear and technology is a commitment to delivering relevant and valuable content.

For those who are also subscribed to Muscle & Fitness, the notice informs them that their subscription will be automatically extended to account for the remaining Flex issues. This ensures that no one loses out during the transition.

The message closes with a forward-looking perspective, telling subscribers to expect their first issue of the newly merged Muscle & Fitness magazine in April. This sets a clear timeline for the change and ensures that subscribers know when to anticipate the arrival of their first issue of the transformed publication.

In conclusion, this notice manages to balance the bittersweet aspect of saying goodbye to Flex Magazine with the excitement of a new chapter through the merger with Muscle & Fitness. It assures subscribers that their interests and needs will continue to be met and encourages them to look forward to the future. The message is clear, appreciative, and forward-thinking, which is a considerate way to address long-time readers during a significant change in their subscription.

Flex March 2018
Last Issue of Flex Magazine, March 2018
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  1. The paper print media is dying. Judging by Arnold Classics on every continent, bodybuilding isn’t dying, unless the AC’s non-bodybuilding attractions keep it afloat.

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