X-Men Apocalypse’s Jennifer Lawrence exposes herself!

jennifer lawrence mystique
Abductor muscles splaying lethal thighs, Jennifer Lawrence lays down the smack.

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X-Men Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters in May of 2016. I’ve never read the X-Men comic book although I purchased several issues a while back as an investment. Although I don’t own the first issue of X-Men, my basic investment strategy was to buy issue #1 of any new comic to hit the shelves. It seems to have paid off although I haven’t “cashed in” yet. Right now on ebay, someone is selling 20 copies of Howard the Duck” #1 for $2200. I own 14 of them and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Enough about me, back to Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie.

jennifer lawrence mystique
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique displayed awesome gymnastic technique in the 2014 X-Men movie.

In 2002 Rebecca Romijn played the role of the airbrushed blue superheroine in the first X-Men movie. Jennifer Lawrence took over the role in 2011 and stars in the latest sequel. Both Romijn and Lawrence have natural breasts which is a big bonus and the way it should be. The costume is so form fitting that Mystique might as well be nude.

This is a physical culture site, after all, and Jennifer Lawrence’s body deserves mention. She’s got a pleasing overall structure with natural breasts, a tapering narrow waist, and a nice feminine hip structure. When I say feminine hip structure I mean her actual pelvis bone structure is shaped in such a way that is a turn on for men just like women like men with broad shoulders. Some hip structures are awkwardly wide, some are boyishly narrow, Lawrence has the right shape and size. Of course, the right hip structure can be negated by a wide waist but Lawrence comes through with a narrow waist. Just like men, there are wide and narrow waist structures in women in the same number proportions as men although they are proportionately smaller than men’s waists on average.

jennifer lawrence mystique
Jennifer Lawrence displaying the body described in the article.



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