Ai: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu in Hawaii

Arnold Franco Hawaii

This AI experiment, utilizing an image of Franco and Arnold in Hawaii, marks a notable improvement over our initial test featuring Arnold, Franco, and Frank Zane in front of World Gym. Despite the enhanced animation in this second attempt, it’s crucial to note that these results don’t indicate advancements in AI technology; both tests were conducted on the same day. This underscores the unpredictable and unreliable nature of the outcomes, particularly in the realm of human animation at this juncture. The AI manages to retain a semblance of Franco Columbo’s likeness more effectively than Arnold’s. The subtle camera movements introduce a parallax effect, and while there are evident anatomical flaws, the overall motion appears relatively natural. Even the animation of the pool water, though slightly exaggerated, adds a dynamic touch. However, a significant drawback emerges when the animation extends beyond a few seconds, leading to increased deformations and a loss of coherence.

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