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Video and pictures compilation of french bodybuilder Morgan “The Big Rock” Aste who is 6’3″ and 360 lbs in the off season. Clips of Morgan Aste benching 440 lbs x 17 reps, 550 lbs x 6 reps and an easy 617 lbs.

Morgan Aste plans to get his pro card as soon as possible and participate in the Mr. Olympia.

He’d be better off becoming an actor instead of a competitive bodybuilder. He’s never going to become as refined contest-wise as Phil Heath and others but he stands out much, much more than the Olympia contenders in everyday real life and on camera. Movies mean potentially more money without the tedious unrewarding lifestyle of the average pro bodybuilder. Why compete against a bunch of 5’8″ guys when your 6’3″? You already won, you’re 6’3″, they’re below average height. Move forward. Get into movies.

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