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Kasich Schwarzenegger
Kasich Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger supports Kasich by devoting 60% of his speech to speaking about himself. When he does get around to talking about Kasich, Schwarzenegger compares him to himself(action hero) and even quotes himself, “I’ll be back”, in discussing his own campaigning efforts.

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Kasich references are in black text.

Thank you for the wonderful introduction and I’m so proud of you because you chose
the right path and you know the only way that our kids can choose the right path
is if you give them the opportunity and this is why we started the after-school
programs nationwide already more than twenty years ago and have been very
passionate about that because it gives kids a chance to have adult supervision
after three o’clock because and 70% of the kids come from homes but both of the
parents of working so there’s no one there to do damage did take them to
sports fields in train them and all isn’t help them with the home rogue so
this is why I after school programs are so important says who viewed so so proud
of you for the wonderful book that you doing the gentleman college is studying
business and you gonna be a genius we love you give him a big hand again.
I love Ohio Ohio it is such a wonderful state. I remember in 1970 my
love affair began here but before I talk about my love affair with Ohio just was
gonna say briefly and recognize the passing of Nancy Reagan today she was
one of the greatest first lady’s extraordinary human being in such a
wonderful part that the husband to President Reagan who was without a doubt
one of the greatest president in the history of the United States and I know
she will join him and his love affair between the two of them will start all
over again so let’s please have a moment of silence for Nancy.
Thank you, now let me talk to you about my love affair in 1970. Jim Lorimer, right over
here. Jim come up here for a second. Come over here. Just come over
here Jim because it’s very important that you see the person that is really
responsible with my love affair right here. Here’s Jim.  Give him a big
hand. This is my partner Jim Lorimer. He ran the World Championships in
weightlifting and bodybuilding in 1970 and I wanted competition and I told him
that the competition was well as so well-run that I will come back after I
retire from bodybuilding and he will be my partner and we will be running the
World Championships in Columbus Ohio that’s exactly what happened so from
1976 on for four decades now you’ve been running every year the World
Championships in bodybuilding right here in Columbus, Ohio.
I just came from here because this weekend is the classic sports and
fitness first of all it has grown now to the biggest event in the world
200,000 people going through the air and watching those events near 56 difference
words and we have almost twenty thousand athletes participating think about the
Olympics of 12,000 almost twenty thousand athletes participating so this
is really being the highest success when it comes to sports and fitness and the
promotion of health and fitness this is what this is all about and the only way
we could have done it is because of the great rug in the dedication the passion
of the people of Ohio and specific of Columbus so big to all of the people
that work so hard to make this happen
now one day my friend Jim Lorimer said the music since you coming for the
Arnold Classic and follow sports and fitness first of all I wanted to meet a
guy by the name of John Kasich who is running for Congress way back in the
eighties now and so I said ok I’m coming. I came to the event I listen to
John Kasich and he was extraordinary what he said. I just loved it and from that
point on I was campaigning for him and I was doing fundraisers for him and, let me
tell you something, when he then went to Washington he kicked some serious butt. He
was an action hero when you went to Washington. As the chairman of the House
Budget Committee he pushed through the first balanced budget the first balanced
budget since a man walked on the Moon. Think about that for a second. So he
showed real action then when he ran for governor I said to him “I’ll be back”
and he ran and I was there again at his fundraisers and events for him and
everything and then he became governor of the great state of Ohio and once
again he was the action hero he went in there was an eight billion dollar budget
deficit and now there’s a two billion dollar surplus. He did this without
raising taxes. As a matter of fact that, he did the opposite. He reduced taxes at five
billion dollars think about that but five billion dollars to reduce the taxes
and at the same time he created more than 300,000 jobs that we always talk
about those numbers 300,000 what the percentages nor the things that doesn’t
mean that much but each process goes home crowd and says I can provide for my
family I have a job I am somebody it makes you feel good when you have a job
and if you want that that’s what it means for each person each of the three
hundred thousands so John you’ve done such an extraordinary job with that it
means so much as people go to work now so this is the kind of action hero he is
and when he was. I’ll tell you he will be like that if he will be in Washington
because right now we need leadership like that there’s so much work that
needs to be done.
I’m an immigrant I came here in 1968 did absolutely nothing but it was full of
dreams and because this is the land of opportunity because of America I could
make all my dreams become a reality through hard work and dedication I was
successful in bodybuilding in show business I became governor of the great
state of California I made a lot of money all because of America is the land
of opportunity it is the greatest nation in the world no matter what anyone says
out there
charge the white house and this is why I into us John Kasich are great governor
our republican nominee to be the next president of the United States of
America, the greatest country in the world.


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