Arms: Vegan Gains vs Arnold Schwarzenegger




Vegan Gains had his arms measured on camera at 18.5 inches and he said that they were 19″ in the past and he was kind of surprised that they only measured 18.5″ at that moment. Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, had his arms measured at 19 7/8″ and the quote from Arthur Jones was “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm was 19 7/8, slightly pumped – probably 19 1/2 “cold”. ” So, since there’s a possibility that Vegan Gains’ arms have been 19″ at one point and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms possibly were 19.5 cold, why is there such a huge discrepancy as far as how much bigger Schwarzenegger’s arms look? Vegan Gains claims to be 6’3″ but he has the proportions of a much taller person. Maybe he’s a

lot taller than 6’3″. He looks like he’s about 6’8″ proportion-wise but h says he’s only 6’3″. Schwarzenegger claims to be 6’2″. Something doesn’t add up there and I don’t think Vegan Gains is exaggerating his arm measurment, he clearly had his arm measured on camera, very close up. What would make more sense is if Schwarzenegger had closer to the 22.5 inch arms that he was always promoted in the magazines as having. However, Rich Piana, who had ridiculous looking cartoon arms had his arms mearured on camera and they were roughly 23.5″ and they look a lot bigger than Schwarzeneggers’. In that instance 22.5 on Schwarzenegger would seem exxagerated.

Whatever the case is, and you have to take into consideration people positioning themselves on camera in such a way that the camera catches their arms at an angle that makes them look bigger. None the less, there’s a big discrepancy between how Schwarzenegger’s arms, when measured by a reputable person, Arthur Jones, the creature of Nautilus machines, measuring Arnold’s arms under 20″ having arms only an inch and a half smaller, and supposedly there’s only an inch difference between their heights. One of the factors could be that Schwarzenegger was shorter than 6’2″.

What this really underscores is that it’s really all about how you look as opposed to measurements because the measurements don’t always make sense.

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