Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Cannonball Delts Workout

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Arnold Schwarzenegger delts

“Cannonball delts” or “delts like a bunch of bananas”(see below). Arnold invented the shoulder exercise he called “The Arnold Press”.

The Arnold Press:

Start with two dumbbells under chin level(like the end position of a chin up) have your palms facing towards you.

Then press the dumbbells up and rotate your palms to face forward as you reach the full extension of the press(don’t fully lock out arms).

So, you’re doing a variation on dumbbell presses. You start at the bottom of the exercise with your palms facing towards you. You finish the rep with your palms facing away from you, arms over head, like a normal press. You’re rotating the hands throughout the exercise.

After the press, go back to starting position with palms towards you. Repeat to failure(until you can do no more).

Arnold’s Shoulder Routine

Arnold Press鈥︹ 4鈥5 sets of 8鈥10 reps

Standing Side Lateral鈥︹︹ 4鈥5 sets of 8鈥12 reps

Seated Rear Lateral鈥︹︹.. 4鈥5 sets of 8鈥12 reps

Cable Side Lateral鈥︹︹︹ 3鈥4 sets of 10鈥12 reps

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