Biceps Battle: Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Robby Robinson

Arnold Robby

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic biceps, showcased on the cover of his bestseller, emanate a distinctive and angular aesthetic—an ascent marked by a steep incline culminating in an apex, followed by a sharp break and an almost flat plateau at the summit. A nuanced alteration in arm positioning or camera angle dissolves the sharp break and plateau, seamlessly molding Arnold’s peak into a continuous, flowing curve.

In a parallel display of anatomical artistry, Robby Robinson manifests a similar phenomenon. Despite sharing training sessions, relaxation moments, and social interactions with Arnold, Robby and the Austrian Oak were never direct rivals. While Robby engaged in competitive bouts against Zane from 1977 to 1979, he missed Arnold’s triumphant return in 1980. To conduct a meticulous comparison between Arnold and Robby, we delve into a mid-’70s Provita print ad featuring both bodybuilders executing single biceps poses. Arnold’s biceps not only boast greater height in general but from the crook of the arm to the peak. They also exhibit enhanced three-dimensionality, marked by a prominent shadow that accentuates the demarcation between biceps and triceps. Moreover, Arnold’s biceps possess slightly lower attachments, bringing them closer to the forearm.

The paths of Arnold and Robby converged on the competitive stage, particularly against formidable opponents like Oliva and Nubret in Essen, Germany. In 1972, Arnold faced off against Oliva and Nubret, emerging victorious against both. Conversely, in 1981, Robby entered the arena, securing the third position, with Oliva claiming the top spot and Nubret settling in second place. This pivotal competition marked Robby’s inaugural face-off against Oliva and his sole encounter with Nubret.

The climactic duel between Robby Robinson and Sergio Oliva unfolded at Lee Haney’s inaugural victory in 1984. Sergio, claiming the eighth position, and Robby, securing the seventeenth spot, etched their names into the annals of bodybuilding history.

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