Bodybuilder Scott Wilson Dies

Scott Wilson, 8/6/1950 – 5/6/2018 Wilson resided in California with his wife, Vy, and his children, Scott, Michael and Erik. He died on May 6, 2018, in Merced, California, after a lengthy battle with skin cancer that had metastasized.

Scott Wilson was born in San Diego, California to Mitchell and Gwen Wilson, and raised in Lakeside, California where he began weight training as a child and wrestled and played football in high school. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. In the early 1970s, he entered the Mr. San Diego contest on a dare and won the contest. He followed the very next year by winning the AAU Mr. California contest. This set Scott on a path towards a career in professional bodybuilding.

Professional years
After winning Mr. California in 1974, Scott turned pro and won the Pro. Mr. America contest in 1976. From this point on, Scott competed with the best bodybuilders in the sport. In 1981, Scott won the Mr. International contest and in 1983, Scott won the IFBB Portland Grand Prix over field of the sports top competitors including Albert Beckles, Tony Pearson, Johnny Fuller and Dave Johns. In later years Scott continued to compete in the Masters Olympia contest until he retired in 2001.

Scott also competed as a powerlifter for a time, bench pressing 580 lb (263 kg), squatting 750 lb (340 kg) and deadlifting 735 lb (333 kg).

Scott Wilson

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  1. Scott Wilson, extremely nice guy and he had a beautiful gym. Old school equipment and beautiful location.

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