Bodybuilder Gorilla

In the world of bodybuilding, aesthetics and muscle definition are paramount. Bodybuilders go to great lengths to showcase their chiseled physiques, and one common practice is shaving their bodies before competitions. This meticulous grooming not […]


Myostatin Blocked Cows

Jurassic Gorilla Cattle with myostatin gene blocked. Bodybuilding and Belgian Blues The comparison between bodybuilders like Big Ramy and Krizo, who have achieved remarkable levels of muscle size in the world of bodybuilding, and […]

Super Bee

Powerlifting Bee

Jurassic Gorilla In the discourse of the mightiest insect, one must undoubtedly bestow the title of world champion upon the Dung beetle. Rigorous trials have revealed that male horned dung beetles, with unfaltering determination, […]