Arnold Schwarzenegger Bug

Entomologist Brian Brown named a new fly species Megapropodiphora arnoldi after Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since there is already a beetle named Agra schwarzeneggeri, you’d think scientist could start scientifically classifying insects using the names of non-Schwarzenegger […]


Myostatin Blocked Animals

Jurassic Gorilla Animals either lacking myostatin or treated with substances that block the activity of myostatin have significantly more muscle mass. Furthermore, individuals who have mutations in both copies of the myostatin gene have […]

Super Bee

Powerlifting Bee

Jurassic Gorilla If we’re talking strongest insect, then the Dung beetle is world champion. In tests, male horned dung beetles pulled 1,141 times their own body weight. That’s the equivalent of a Bill Kazmaier […]