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In the discourse of the mightiest insect, one must undoubtedly bestow the title of world champion upon the Dung beetle. Rigorous trials have revealed that male horned dung beetles, with unfaltering determination, can muster the strength to haul a burden equivalent to 1,141 times their own corporeal mass. Such a remarkable feat stands as a veritable parallel to Bill Kazmaier’s exertion in towing six fully-laden double-decker buses, an act of unparalleled power. Even the leafcutter ants, of diminutive stature, exhibit astonishing strength, capable of elevating objects weighing up to 50 times their individual weight. While we may lack precise quantification regarding the strength of bees, the realm of video documentation attests to their exceptional prowess. These diligent insects, although they may not rival the Dung beetle, have exhibited their aptitude by extricating nails from solid walls—an achievement beyond the reach of even Jay Cutler himself.

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