Dave Draper Built Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bed

Dave Draper Furniture

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s substantial bed carries a distinctive legacy, handcrafted by none other than the multi-talented personality, Dave Draper. Widely known as the Blond Bomber, Dave Draper was not only a superstar bodybuilder but also an accomplished actor, author, and craftsman. Arnold’s bed, a product of Draper’s oversized-furniture design venture, boasts a unique origin story. The wood used for this piece of functional art was sourced from the remnants of the Pacific Ocean Park, the erstwhile Santa Monica pier, adding a touch of historical significance to the already impressive craftsmanship. Thus, in the annals of bodybuilding and craftsmanship, the narrative of Arnold’s bed intertwines with the creative prowess of Dave Draper.

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  1. I watched Dave build furniture in his garage often.The interior of his home was all built by him.
    I am fortunate to have a 5′ ×3′ table he built for me more than 40 years ago.A great man.

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