Do Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump threaten Snoop Dogg’s Masculinity?

Snoop Dogg vs Trump
Snoop Dogg vs Trump

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Snoop Dogg Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger summed up by Youtuber

The original Snoop Dog rant here.

In Snoop Dog’s rant he suggested that he wants to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump. The original video, which related to the title of this post, was posted in response to the SD rant but was taken down by either Youtube or whoever uploaded it. The above video takes that video’s place. In the above video, Jerry Ward didn’t get the racial comment SD was making about Schwarzenegger’s last name. Otherwise, his response relates directly to some of the content in SD’s rant video.

The link below is another breakdown of the rant. Many aren’t disagreeing that political-“cronyism”-based suspended sentences aren’t a problem but that Snoop Dogg is aligning himself with “social justice warrior”, weasely, ¬†sub-male, effeminate, weak, ¬†victim mentality types¬†by invoking race where it doesn’t belong and¬†by¬†labeling¬†a Hispanic man as a¬†White man when it suits underhanded racist motives.

Luimarco Breaks Down Snoop Dogg Schwarzenegger Rift


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