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Dorian Yates: ….the total amount of weight training I did for the Mr. Olympia to win those contests was less than four hours a week, which was shocking to most people. So, let me tell you where this type of training came from, where the roots are. I don’t claim to have invented this type of training but I did refine it somewhat for a competitive bodybuilder.

The background to this is a guy called Arthur Jones. Arthur Jones was pretty much a genius and a self-made multi-millionaire. Had his own airline and airplanes and all this stuff, so he wasn’t really interested in trying to make money from bodybuilding. He was doing that elsewhere. He was just interested in what creates muscle growth, triggers the muscle growth, and what is the best and most effective way to train. What he brought to everyone’s attention was a few things that hadn’t been brought up before. One of them was the role of genetics in ultimately how big, how strong, and what kind of physique you can develop. Before that people used to sell magazines based on, for example, if you do Arnold’s chest routine, you can get his chest, and all this kind of stuff.

Jones pointed out the role of genetics, skeletal structure and the length of muscle muscle bellies in ultimately determining how big those muscles can get. That was one thing and the other thing was the intensity of exercise. What is it that triggers the muscle growth? Is it the volume? Well, if it was the volume then you’d have to constantly increase that factor. Doing 10 sets for chest, up to 15, and 20, and ultimately you’d be in the gym all day. So obviously that’s not the key factor.

The key factor is the intensity of the exercise, the momentary force and stress on the muscles, and not the volume. You only need a very small amount of exercise to trigger that muscle growth. You need to push the exercise to the point where you can’t do anymore. Muscular failure and occasionally beyond muscular failure. You can do assisted forced reps and extra negative reps. There’s two or three phases of the movement depending on the exercise….

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