Frank Zane 300 Pound Morph

Frank Zane at 300


What would Frank Zane look like at if he were somehow able to weigh up to 300 pounds while still maintaining the aesthetics and proportions he was known for? Big Ramy’s contest weight has been listed as 295 pounds at 5 foot nine or five foot 10, and Ronnie Coleman’s heaviest contest weight was reportedly 300 pounds, at five foot eleven. Frank Zane’s contest weight has been listed as varying between 185 and 200 pounds and It wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibilities that, if he were of competitive age today, with what’s available supplement-wise today, that he could have competed at 225. If Ronnie Coleman is close to 300 in this photo, then this image could represent a 300 pound version of Zane. If this After morph represents Zane at 300 pounds, and Zane was 200 pounds at the 1979 Mr Olympia, where the before picture is from, then one quarter through the morph, Zane would be 225 pounds. This is an approximation of Zane at 225 pounds.

This, is 35 percent of the way through the 60 frame morph, so this would put Zane at 235 pounds, roughly Arnold Schwarzenegger’s contest weight. Here is Zane halfway through the morph at 250 pounds. Is the morphed Zane artwork so in keeping with his proportions that a 250 pound Zane doesn’t look freaky because every muscle group is balanced to the other muscle groups? Here is a gif-style jump cut between 200 pound 1979 Mr. Olympia Zane and the 250 pound representation, for a more jarring difference. Could this 250 pound Zane beat Chris Bumstead? How about the open Mr. Olympia line up? Let’s cut to the chase and morph between 200 and 300 pounds. Now, Zane is looking freaky, but he also retains his aesthetics. At 300, it’s not even up for debate as to whether or not he could beat Bumstead. Zane’s 300 pounds are much better distributed than Ramy, but how about Coleman? Is it reasonable to say that this version of Zane would likely beat any previous Mr. Olympia?

Lets take a look at what Zane’s calves would look like if he were in keeping with the calves don’t matter sentiment apparently unofficially exercised by today’s top bodybuilding judges. Are the Zane calves represented here in this version, where Zane maintains the calves from his 200 pound body on a roughly 300 pound body, any more disproportionate to his body than the thigh to calf ratio or body to calf ratio of Big Ramy and a several other top bodybuilders? Here’s Zane, back with bigger calf development to match the rest of his enhanced 300 pound musculature.

In closing, here’s a humor video originally published over a decade ago from the Rhinosir Youtube channel where personal trainer Max Outt talked about updating the sandow trophy to reflect, among several other things, pro bodybuilding judges obliviousness to calf development.

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