Roe Rogan a CNN Schill?

Lee Haney

Man’s World Issue 1

Check it out for free: Globo Uomo is Italian for Man’s World. Globo means “world”, not to be confused with “Globalism”. Uomo means “Man” in Italian. The publishers are no strangers to bodybuilding given […]

Joe Rogan has been lifting weights his entire adult life and yet he has no sense of how the body reacts to holding a 100 lb. dumbbell with one arm?

Does Rogan feel in some way beholden to CNN’s Chris Cuomo because they both work for billion dollar companies and the almighty dollar is more important than the truth?

Or is Rogan sarcastically mocking Chris Cuomo and pointing out the fake-news absurdity of Cuomo misrepresenting himself by effortlessly hoisting a “100lb dumbbell” as if it were 25 lbs? “Sure looks real to me, wink wink.” Unfortunately, Rogan thought the “100 lb dumbbell” was real.

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