Frank Zane Discussed on Joe Rogan Podcast

Archers Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Archers Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Edit: The video has since been taken down.

Joe Rogan’s guest is pro archer John Dudley, host of “Nock On TV.” At 1:55:00 John starts talking about Frank Zane. Dudley competed in archery at the Arnold Classic at the same time Frank Zane was going to have a friendly archery competition against Schwarzenegger at the same event. Zane and Schwarzenegger had been involved in archery together in the 1970s. Zane called the Arnold Classic archery coordinator in advance to hook up with a pro archer at the event in order to gain an edge over Arnold. John doesn’t say how Zane fared against Arnold in archery at the AC but he does talk about how Zane wasn’t anti-hunting per se but wasn’t exactly pro-hunting either. Through the Arnold Classic meeting John became friends with Zane and on one occasion they were driving to John’s Wisconsin home when, about three miles from their destination, a deer smacked into their car, to Zane’s astonishment. “We just hit a frickin’ deer”, exclaimed Zane to which John replied, “Imagine if 850,000 hunters were not out hunting in Wisconsin every year.”

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