Frank Zane Discussed on Joe Rogan Podcast

Archers Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Archers Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Edit: The video has since been taken down.

Joe Rogan’s Guest, John Dudley, and the Frank Zane Connection

In a now-unavailable video from a Joe Rogan podcast, pro archer John Dudley, the host of “Nock On TV,” shared an intriguing anecdote about the legendary bodybuilder Frank Zane and his unexpected connection to the world of archery. The story unfolds during a conversation at approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes into the podcast.

The Tale of Frank Zane and the Arnold Classic:

John Dudley recounts an interesting episode from his life when he was actively competing in archery at the Arnold Classic, a multi-sport event co-promoted by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Notably, Frank Zane, a renowned bodybuilder, and a longtime friend of Schwarzenegger, was also attending the same event. What made this gathering unique was the prospect of a friendly archery competition between Zane and Schwarzenegger, who had previously shared an interest in archery during the 1970s.

Frank Zane’s strategic move before the Arnold Classic was to reach out to the archery coordinator in advance. His aim was to partner with a professional archer competing at the event, possibly to gain a competitive edge over Schwarzenegger. While the specifics of the outcome of this archery competition between Zane and Schwarzenegger remain undisclosed, John Dudley provided valuable insights into the encounter.

Zane’s Ambiguity Toward Hunting:

During his conversation with Joe Rogan, John Dudley not only sheds light on the archery duel but also delves into Frank Zane’s perspective on hunting. Zane, it appears, wasn’t overtly against hunting, but neither was he an outspoken advocate of it. His stance remained somewhat ambivalent.

A Memorable Car Ride with Zane:

One of the most intriguing and somewhat humorous parts of the story revolves around an incident involving John Dudley and Frank Zane. Following the Arnold Classic event, John and Zane forged an unexpected friendship. On one occasion, as they were driving to John’s home in Wisconsin, an astonishing incident occurred. Just three miles away from their destination, a deer collided with their car, causing both Zane and John to react with surprise.

Zane exclaimed, “We just hit a frickin’ deer!” To which John, quite astutely, replied, “Imagine if 850,000 hunters were not out hunting in Wisconsin every year.” This thought-provoking retort highlighted the delicate balance between hunting and conservation, a theme that resonated with both individuals.

This captivating story shared by John Dudley on Joe Rogan’s podcast offers a glimpse into the unique intersection of sports, celebrity, and wildlife conservation. It not only underscores the multifaceted interests of iconic figures like Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger but also raises questions about the complex relationship between hunting and nature preservation, an issue that continues to be a subject of ongoing debate and discussion.

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