Joseph Baena Schwarzenegger trained by Mike O’Hearn


Partial Transcript:

O’Hearn: All right, so, uh, Joseph is 19, no he’s not,
he’s 20.

Baena: 20. Don’t forget, almost 21.

O’Hearn: I don’t know how many people know and I
don’t even know if you want the people
to know… So, if you don’t want to know we
don’t have to tell them what are you
thinking about cuz I know you’re
already going out for castings and TV’s
and movies and stuff but you’re gonna do
something else. You’re gonna go on stage
maybe maybe do some competitions?

Baena: Yeah, I love the acting thing I want to do
acting as a career but I want to try out
a competition for sure.

O’Hearn: Something you
said that impressed me. There’s the thing
I called delayed gratification and that
is understanding what you want five
years down the road,
working towards that and not cutting
costs or anything today and so you said
you were very similar to physique
see but you want to do classic
because you think about the future.
Baena: Maybe do some competitions. I
want to get big. I’m want to go big time.

O’Hearn: How tall are you?

Baena: I’m six foot, six one maybe.

O’Hearn: Alright, and 190-ish?

Baena: Yeah, one nine, trying to get the two
then to 210 we’ll see what happens.

O’Hearn: So, you guys good to see Joseph on stage.
I’m gonna help as much as you want my

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