Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

Partial Transcript:

Earlier in this hour we showed you the almost indignant reactions some people have to the super developed physiques of the bodybuilders. Michelangelo’s David used to be the classic model of male perfection but now today’s modern musclemen are challenging that ideal. Well, we’re going to show you what bodybuilding is all about and then you can decide which looks better to you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger of Santa Monica, California, born 29 years ago in the Austrian Alps. The son of a local police chief, he spent his boyhood at skiing, boxing, weightlifting, soccer, a lifetime athlete, his body has put him on the way to becoming a millionaire. Enormous positive attitude all my life. I mean, whatever I wanted I knew I wanted for a reason because, whatever I started, I could see as a finished product. There was never one negative impulse in the last 15 years. Can you imagine if the doubt that he maybe don’t make it maybe I will never be a Mr. Universe? That destroys the whole thing. You got to have faith in your vision.

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