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1987 IFBB Mr. Universe: The Exclusive Interview with Heavyweight Champion Luis Freitas

In the buzzing aftermath of the 1987 IFBB Mr. Universe competition, the stage was set for an exclusive interview with the newly crowned heavyweight champion, Luiz Freitas from Brazil. The interviewer, David Zelon, alongside the legendary Joe Weider, wasted no time delving into the heart of Luiz’s triumph.

“I’m here with the heavyweight champion of the World Championships, Luiz Freitas from Brazil, and the master blaster, Joe Weider. Luiz, the vindication. Last year, he had problems in Tokyo, and this year you came back and won. How do you feel?”

Luiz Freitas, standing tall with the weight of victory on his shoulders, responded, “I feel very good, and I feel that the fact that I overcame all the problems was a very good lesson. Then I learned from the IFBB. I’m proud to be, and I have to be professional right now, and I really learned. It was a very good learning experience, I think. If anyone goes through what I went through, they would know what I’m talking about.”

The conversation shifted to Joe Weider, the man behind the scenes, whose theories were being validated by Luiz’s journey. “Joe, you must be happy. Luiz came in, did very well last year, got tested positive, came back this year, tested negative, and still won the whole thing, and he proves your theory that you don’t need the drugs to be big.”

With a knowing smile, Joe Weider acknowledged, “That’s right. You don’t need the drugs to be bigger, be ripped and cut, right, Luis?”

Zelon then probed the future, asking Luiz about his plans for his bodybuilding career. “Well, I have a lot to talk with Joe. I have been listening to him a lot. He has part of the responsibility for my success here. I owe a lot to him, a lot to Ben Weider, and my next steps are going to depend on Joe and I. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next.”

As the discussion unfolded, Joe Weider emphasized the importance of not forgetting the role of Tom Dawn, Luiz’s exceptional trainer. “He’s going to be a great champion. That’s why he’s at least in the Grand Prix because I think he’s as good as some of the best men in the world today.”

The interview concluded with a nod to the journey of Luiz Freitas from Brazil, training at Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles, California. “For another year, one of the long roads to victory. Luiz Freitas from Brazil. He’s one of the great champions we’ve ever had. He’s the heavyweight champion of 1987 here in Madrid, the World Championships. Thank you, Luis. Thank you, Joe.”

Contest History


  • World Amateur Championships – IFBB, HeavyWeight, Did not place


  • World Amateur Championships – IFBB, HeavyWeight, 1st


  • Chicago Pro Championships – IFBB, 15th
  • Grand Prix England – IFBB, 13th
  • Grand Prix France – IFBB, 13th
  • Grand Prix Germany – IFBB, 14th
  • Grand Prix Greece – IFBB, 12th
  • Grand Prix Italy – IFBB, 13th
  • Grand Prix Spain (2) – IFBB, 10th
  • Grand Prix Spain – IFBB, 11th
  • Night of Champions – IFBB, 10th
  • Olympia – IFBB, 19th
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