Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos Part 1

Rare Arnold Photos

Rick Drasin on Arnold: A lot of bodybuilders are short. Arnold was like 6’2”. He had amazing shoulders and arms that were big and very much defined tapering down to a 32-inch waist, which was hard and tight and all proportioned properly. He knew how to pose, which is really important. On stage he knew how to present himself. He’d show a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then walk off the stage. He always left them wanting more.

Ed Giuliani on Arnold : Arnold came from Europe, so he had two strikes against him already. He doesn’t speak English and he’s in a foreign country. I know what that is like because my father was born in Europe. My father met Arnold and knew Arnold. He always told me: Arnold will try harder than an American because you guys were born here. He comes here and has to prove himself more.

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